transcendentalism-for-dummies asks: Altaria or Salamence
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Girls' Generation + Eeveelutions
Girls' Generation + Eeveelutions
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Pokemon Trainer Red


Pokemon Trainer Red

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Legendary Beasts.

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today my class played a stereotype game where the teacher would put a random label on your forehead and everyone would help each other figure out what label they have.

I got trash. my label was ‘trash’. this is no coincidence. 

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kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit.

In a desperate effort to prevent any future crime syndicates from rising to power and threatening the safety of the world, the Global Pokémon League sought endlessly to make ownership of Pokémon illegal in every region. One by one, the regions fell victim to this new law, forcing Trainers, Gym Leaders and Elite Four alike to surrender their Pokémon to the League and give up their way of life.

However, it was not long before a small resistance, consisting of some of the regions’ most talented and well-known Trainers formed under the noses of the law. They went by no given name and acted under strict secrecy, only allowing select individuals to join their allegiance. Other important figures claimed to “see the light” in the League’s new found ideals and willingly joined in their fight to eliminate Pokémon training for once and all. 

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